Top 10 Points from "The Power Of Now"

Source: Blinkist

1. By focusing only on the present and ignoring the past or future - you can greatly improve your life.
2. A part of you needs pain to survive, and it creates most of the pain you experience.
3. The "ego" is a part of your mind that stops you from being happy.
4. If you want a richer and almost painless life, separate yourself from your mind and focus on your body.
5. Observing the mind without judgement is the best way way to separate from it, thus free yourself from pain.
6. Try to exist in a state of permanent alertness.
7. Living in the present can be hard for your partner, but it can also improve your relationship.
8. Not all pain is avoidable: surrendering to the present does not mean ignoring sad or hurtful feelings.
9. Surrendering to the present does not mean living a passive life.
10. Only present is important because nothing ever occurs in past or future; things happen only in a continuous stream of present moments.
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