Simple trick to go back to “The One Thing”

Sometimes we are so doubtful in life that we think that only complex solutions can solve our problems.

We fail to acknowledge the easy solutions which are around us.

I was reading by favourite blogger’s post (Leo Babuata – Zen habits) and saw a simple method to go back to your “One Thing”. It is so simple and easy to follow. This simple trick combines of 3 simple methods.

By this time I am sure you are aware what’s “The One Thing”. The One Thing is that one critical item on your list that you would want to focus on to complete your most important goal. Since that goal is most important to you and you want it to be perfect, hence you start procrastinating over it thinking about the consequences rather than the process.

For example: Your “One Thing” can be to loose weight. It can be to write an article. Or it can be to study for a certification. Or it can be to prepare a financial plan for yourself.

Following are the 3 methods you can follow to get out of this procrastination loop:

That’s it. Repeat these steps in the same way by starting afresh and you will see that your “One Thing” is close to completion, or at-least you are on the path of taking actions irrespective of the results.

Thank you for reading :smile: