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The Procrastinator – Now In Cinemas

The Procrastinator! Well! If there would have been a movie named – “The Procrastinator“, I am sure I would’ve been the hero of this movie.  But what would’ve been the plot of the movie?
The procrastinator would’ve stuck in the grim loop and would find the method of breaking it. Will he be able to succeed? Let’s find out!
Procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing something. Something means, like:
– Office work tasks
– Exercising
– Calling someone
– Replying to mails
– Household works
– Booking a ticket
– Cooking the necessary meals
– Writing a Blog or a Book
– Studies and other things….

When I said, I am the hero of “The Procrastinator”, I was very serious about it.
You know, I am the one who put PRO in the procrastination. Because I play it like Pro-League championship! Huh!
I even procrastinated for writing the article on procrastination! How worse could it go!

Procrastination should not be confused with reasonable delay. If there is a task that you have to do it, then delaying it with a reason that you would be completing it when you have extra time is fine.
However, if you are postponing the activity and saying to yourself that,
“I will be finishing this one hour work at 3:00pm exact after I see this youtube video”, this is a procrastination. If you do this too, then congratulations you are “The Procrastinator” :).
What happens after this is your clock strikes 3.05pm and you say yourself,
“Oh God!, I was supposed to start working by 3:00PM and now it’s 3:05PM, I will start my work at sharp 4:00PM”
and then you again make yourself busy in other non-important things like watching you tube videos, checking Facebook, checking tweets.
Slowly and slowly you end up in a loop.
…It’s already midnight and you have not finished that one hour work. What happens next?
Next is, you say to yourself, “Oh! its too late now”
and “I am tired”, “I will do it tomorrow, early morning”..
..and then you won’t wake up early and it’s been already one day for that one hour work. Huh!

Conclusion is, you will only finish this one work when you get a mail from your manager or any higher authority. At that time you will be working on multiple projects and you will find difficult to get that one hour to complete that pending task.

Result is, you will say that you are overburdened with work but fail to understand that what increased the burden at the first place.
This Grim loop is the villain of your heroic life. We have to understand why we ended up in this loop. The person who breaks this loop or avoid getting in it, is the actual HERO.

To understand this loop, first understand what is the reason of you being ended up inside this loop:
Your casual mood: Your casual mood always tells you that you are not in your perfect being to do this work..
You expect your mood to change after watching tv, videos, chatting etc..
But that doesn’t happen and you end up being more tired.
To cut this loop, there is are basic peaceful ways, which over the practice can reduce the procrastination. Let’s dive into it:

  1. Solution A: Remind yourself of the work and it’s importance and how you will feel after that work is finished. Take a sticky note, paste it on your laptop, book, table, on your head, body wherever you want, just paste it and keep it in front of your eyes. Multiple reminders can be put as well. Personal Journal, Sticky Notes, App based reminder, Master To-Do List just anything you feel will make sure that you are aware of the urgency of the work and it’s happiness after you complete it.
  2. Solution B: BLOCK your access to websites to access during the work. Yes, Block it all! Nothing will happen to the world, believe me!
  3. Solution C: Try it from the small. For instance if a work requires an hour to be completed and you are delaying it, then promise yourself to me that I will try focusing on the work for initial 5 minutes wholeheartedly and then decide the fate of the work. Just a little nudge and push is sometimes enough to get you started. Make it a habit by remembering the feeling of accomplishment.
  4. Solution D: Define the deadlines for yourself. Just say it to yourself, “I just need one hour to complete this work” and then I am free and I can chat with my friend as a reward.

Don’t depend on the mood too much. If you are feeling low, cheer up yourself by listening to some music and getting work again!(just don’t end in the listening music loop 😉 ).
Believe me, if you follow any of the steps diligently you will scare the shit out of procrastination.
Let’s all be the hero of Never Back Down. Let’s make a resolution stop being the procrastinator, because he is the villain of your life.

Well, in case you are wondering(or not!..I will say it anyway!) how did I break the grim loop of procrastination in writing this post. I tried Solution C 😉

Be Awesome. Cheers 🙂

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