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Remember the feeling to remember the task/ habit

Always remember the feeling if not the actual tasks /habits. If you are planning to live your life in a better way and sometimes gets stuck/ bored/ lazy to exercise, meditate, work hard on priorities, changing habits, read, write, etc.

Then one of the things I do is to feel the moment when I finished my:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Finishing my work priorities
  • Read
  • Write
  • Daily plan setup
  • etc.

After realising this feeling, I get motivated enough to carry on these good things. For instance:

  • With exercise, I feel light and free from rustiness
  • With meditation, my mind feels so calm and focussed
  • With finishing my MITs (Most Important Tasks), I feel so accomplished and charged up
  • With reading, I feel to gain some wisdom and insight
  • With writing, I feel creative and free
  • With proper plan and completing my daily checklist, I feel on top of the world

How about feeling moment when you ran 5 miles?

How about the feel when you thanked someone and shown some gratitude?

How about the feeling when ate healthy food?

How about the feel when you meditated in the sound of rain falling on the leaves?

How about the feeling when people appreciated your new toned look?

Remember these feelings? I am sure you do. So carry on these good habits and don’t procrastinate on them.

Finish! What you Start. Yes! If you have started a habit to loose the weight, then wake up with the awesome feeling of how healthy and fresh you would feel if have lost your weight as per the set target. This feel will get you going and you will be able to finish what you have started.

Do let me know how are you feeling now?

Thanks for reading.

B e     A w e s o m e 🙂

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