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Money Affirmations You Should Read Daily

  1. I have an unlimited supply of money.
  2. There is an unlimited supply of money.
  3. I always have more than enough money.
  4. God wants me to have money.
  5. Money is spiritual.
  6. Money comes to me through grace and ease.
  7. Money comes to me effortlessly.
  8. I have lots of money.
  9. I am affluent.
  10. I am wealthy.
  11. I am rich.
  12. I love money.
  13. Money loves me.
  14. Money comes to me.
  15. I give myself permission to have money.
  16. I’m good with money.
  17. Money is easy.
  18. Having money is fun.
  19. Money finds me.
  20. I attract money.
  21. Money is simple.
  22. I am always open to receiving money.
  23. I am prosperous.
  24. I enjoy money.
  25. It’s o.k. to have money.
  26. I am free to have money.
  27. I am a money magnet.
  28. Unexpected money comes to me.
  29. I expect money.
  30. I deserve money.
  31. I am worthy of money.
  32. I earn money.
  33. I make money.
  34. It feels good having money.
  35. My wealth is more than just money.
  36. When I spend money, money comes back to me.
  37. I am tapped into the universal supply of money.
  38. The universe is unlimited.
  39. I am unlimited.
  40. I am unlimited, when it comes to wealth and prosperity.
  41. Money comes to me frequently and easily.
  42. Money makes my life easier.
  43. I have money to share.
  44. Money comes to me from everywhere.
  45. Money comes in all types of forms.
  46. I do what I love, and I make lots of money.
  47. I have multiple sources of income.
  48. I focus on having money.
  49. I am grateful for money in my life.
  50. I am a money master.
  51. I am great with money.
  52. I spend money wisely.
  53. I am able to save money.
  54. Money is in my mind.
  55. I’m mindful about money.
  56. I always have alot of money in the bank.
  57. I imagine having lots of money.
  58. Money is good.
  59. Having money allows me to do more good in the world.
  60. Money comes to me everyday.
  61. Money comes to me in all kinds of ways.
  62. Money piles up.
  63. Money is a blessing.
  64. I am blessed with money.
  65. I manage money wisely.
  66. I am able to handle large sums of money.
  67. I am comfortable with having money.
  68. I never have to worry about money.
  69. Money pours in.
  70. I am abundant.
  71. There’s money all around.
  72. Money is energy.
  73. I love the energy of money.
  74. I enjoy the freedom money brings.
  75. I have a healthy attitude about money.
  76. I am at peace with money.
  77. There’s never a shortage of money.
  78. I am valuable.
  79. My value is more than money.
  80. I am balanced around money.
  81. I am confident. I can have money.
  82. I do have money.
  83. I count my blessings.
  84. Money works for me.
  85. I manifest money.
  86. There’s more than enough money to go around.
  87. I have an endless supply of money.
  88. Money wants me.
  89. I am successful.
  90. Having money doesn’t take away from others.
  91. We can all have money.
  92. It’s safe to have money.
  93. I feel good about money.
  94. Spiritual people have money.
  95. Money is a joy.
  96. Money is a feeling.
  97. Money is all around me.
  98. I can have all the money I want.
  99. Money wants me to have money.
  100. I receive money miracles.
  101. Thank God, I have money.

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