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How to kick-start your perfect morning?

Perfect And Morning Eh!…Can these be two words together?

Sure they can be together. In addition, you will enjoy this routine.

But I have always thought Morning as boring, lazy, and gloomy event. In addition, what special difference this article is going to make? You may ask!

Well this article is going to list down the best ways to kick-start your morning routine and make it perfect.

Let’s see what we have it in here:

Start Slow. Start Slow? eh!..What do you mean start slow? I mean don’t rush into everything you want to do in the morning. Take it slow and let the world move its own pace. Give yourself extra time by trying to wake up early at-least half an hour before your normal wake up time.

Ya Ya!..As if it is easy to jump out bed every morning!..Easy to say then doing actually doing it.

Yes, I agree it’s not easy to to jump out of bed immediately and start the day. But with daily practice, I promise that you can be a morning person and wake up as early as you want. Take it slowly and steadily by reducing your sleep time by 5 minutes for a week. Reduce another 5 minutes next week. You may want to get in to bed early as well so that you compensate your morning sleep and feel fresh. Consequently you will change your habit and will wake up early.

Ok!..So I wake up, what’s next!

Freshen Up. Yes, run to your washroom and wash your face and freshen up. This is the critical part because this will decide where you are going to head next – back to bed or face the world. Again, take it slowly, don’t rush. Enjoy the fresh water splash on your face, see yourself in the mirror and say to yourself – I am going to rule the world (if you are still unmarried 😉 ) or I am going to make sure that today is going to be an awesome day.

Drink Warm Water. Your body needs lots of water after waking up and specially after the whole night sleep you need it water to improve your immune system. Please make sure that you drink a lot of water as soon as you wake up to keep your body hydrated and balanced. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with warm water, drink it warm and I can promise you that your immunity will be very strong due to which you won’t fell ill easily. In addition to this, you can mix honey and lemon to add taste giving you the benefits of natural healing. This will also reduce your weight.

Move your body. Yes, let’s dive into the day and move your body. There are plenty of activities that you can do to move your body:

Go to Gym

Do Some Running

Get ahead with Cycling

The good old Yoga


Basic Home Exercises

These activities will allow the blood to flow, make your heart strong and provide your body the necessary oxygen. Furthermore you will be in best of your shape, your body will feel light and free from rustiness. There are thousands of benefits of exercising. We will cover these topics in detail later on.

Meditate. So far we have been mostly talking about physical health. How about we start some exercise for your busy mind. Your mind runs more than you do entire day. So take extra care of your mind and make sure the mind of yours gets enough energy and peace so that your life during the day is in peace. Take timeout at-least 15 minutes to keep your mind free and clear it from tensions by doing the meditation.

You just have to sit in relax posture and count your breaths. That’s it!..It’s that easy. Believe me 15 minutes of meditation a day will make you feel divine. You will be able to see your thoughts more clearly, you will be happier then ever, and appreciate your loving ones. There are many benefits of meditation. We will cover the benefits and method of meditation in detail later on.

Take care of your body and mind. Now let’s move on to provide your body some energy to carry on the days work.

Shower. It’s time to take a shower. Take a cold shower. The after shower feeling is one of the best in the world. You feel so refreshed and all ready to take on the world.

Healthy Breakfast. After shower, it’s time to take healthy breakfast. As doctors say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So please make sure that you don’t skip it and eat a lot of quality food. You can eat lots of fruits, veggies, smoothies, milk, eggs. Please make sure that your breakfast contains good proteins.

We will discuss more on breakfasts in later posts. We will share sample meal plans and good tasty recipes. Stay tuned.

Writing. This is one habit that you should include in your morning schedule. Keep a journal, notepad, Bujo, Excel templates, sticky notes, anything you like, but please write something.

Write how are you feeling and how will you approach your day. Also write your top most priorities of the day. Add these priorities in your planner. Prepare your plan for the day and make sure you follow it till the very end. Do not stop without completing your Most Important Tasks. Writing will clear your mind. Once you dump your thoughts on paper or some application you will clear your mind from clutter and will focus on your task one by one. We will discuss on this topic in detail later on.

Reading. I am sure you will be tempted to check your mails, Facebook,  and News by now. But not just yet. Control for few more minutes and give your time for an effective reading. This habit of yours will generate ideas, motivate you, inspire you and will make ready to fight this competent world.

It’s not required to read an entire book at one go. Read small pages but effective pages. Even 20 pages a day will make you awesome.

Gratitude. Finally show gratitude.Often we are so busy that we forget the beauty around us and the God who has created all this for us. Appreciate the almighty every morning. Furthermore, thank your family and friends and make them feel special.

Thank your office colleagues and your boss (ya ya, there are times 😉 ) for providing you good and fighting opportunities in life and supporting on your judgements.

Goals. In addition, with all these early morning schedule, keep an eye on your Goals as well. Please make sure that at-least one goal of yours is covered in the morning habit and you are able to achieve goals such as reducing weight, becoming a writer, targeting a marathon run, or tour de france for that matter. Nothing is impossible if your Morning schedule is effective.

Please let me know your suggestions in the comments section and also let me know, how do you approach your morning and I will make sure cover your points with your name in my next posts whenever we dive into detailed habits.

B e.  A w e s o m e. Thanks for reading 🙂 

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