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All In One Productivity Ritual Blog

All in one productivity blog. I always wanted to write one big blog, which I can read daily and remind myself all the goals that I have set up for myself. This one blog will link to different projects and posts which directly links to all my goals. Therefore, this is going to be a lengthy post which I will update from time to time.

Daily Rituals. Following are the rituals that I have set up:

Drink Warm Water. Wake up early and start your day by drinking hot/warm water. This ritual is really important for increasing the immunity. This is must for a healthy body. Drinking warm water:

Prevents premature ageing

It cleanse the body from toxins.

Helps with weight loss as it increases metabolic rate

It improves digestion

It improves blood circulation

It aids constipation

It induces sleep by loosening the body muscles.

Morning Run. Early morning run sets up the tone for the entire day. Entire day is beautiful, full of energy and enthusiasm. Moreover it helps in loosing weight and retain the fitness.

Meditation. Meditate each morning for at-least 15 minutes. Meditation is the exercise for the brain. It is important to achieve my Focus and Self-awareness goals.

Read. Read everyday. Reading is important because it helps me to keep occupied while I am commuting. It also ensures that I learn something new everyday. I have noticed that whenever I am physically fit, my mind automatically wants to read more.

Write. Write everyday. As part of this website, daily gratitude, affirmations, and other self improvement topics will be written regularly. Writing is important because it clears mind. It gives peace and improves skills.

Visualise. Visualise your success everyday. Visualise better life, positive outcomes, peaceful scenarios and everything good you seeking. Visualisation is important because it gives you control to signal your mind that these are images I really want to keep and this is the direction I need to follow.

Study. Study for your better life. Everyday study to improve the professional qualification. Study for certificates and other programs. Studying is important because it will make a way for the better future.

Gratitude. Show daily gratitude to God, family, friends, nature and all other things that impacts your life. Gratitude is important because through this you are reminded of your blessings and focus on POSITIVES rather then negative things in life.

Affirmations. Positive affirmations focusing on law of attractions and power of subconscious mind. Affirmations/ Law of attractions/ Power of subconscious mind is important this power will give you the unimaginable and unthinkable. This directly works with God’s power.

Schedule Effectively. Schedule the entire day and FOCUS on DEEP WORK. Scheduling is important it plans your day better and ensure you to focus on important things (MITs).

Stronger Willpower. Read and implement techniques to increase will power. Stronger willpower is important because this will help work through the entire day without depleting the energy. This links with Meditation as well.

Focus. Read and implement about focusing techniques and follow them diligently. Pure focus is important because distractions will deplete the willpower (which is very limited given to all). Therefore all the work done in the present moment should be done through entire focus. This also links with meditation.

Habit Tracker. These were are the 12 habits/rituals that I am working on this year. Implementing these will ensure that I achieve all my goals. I will be maintaining a habit tracker of all these habits, so that I am aware of the hits and misses.

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Money Affirmations You Should Read Daily

  1. I have an unlimited supply of money.
  2. There is an unlimited supply of money.
  3. I always have more than enough money.
  4. God wants me to have money.
  5. Money is spiritual.
  6. Money comes to me through grace and ease.
  7. Money comes to me effortlessly.
  8. I have lots of money.
  9. I am affluent.
  10. I am wealthy.
  11. I am rich.
  12. I love money.
  13. Money loves me.
  14. Money comes to me.
  15. I give myself permission to have money.
  16. I’m good with money.
  17. Money is easy.
  18. Having money is fun.
  19. Money finds me.
  20. I attract money.
  21. Money is simple.
  22. I am always open to receiving money.
  23. I am prosperous.
  24. I enjoy money.
  25. It’s o.k. to have money.
  26. I am free to have money.
  27. I am a money magnet.
  28. Unexpected money comes to me.
  29. I expect money.
  30. I deserve money.
  31. I am worthy of money.
  32. I earn money.
  33. I make money.
  34. It feels good having money.
  35. My wealth is more than just money.
  36. When I spend money, money comes back to me.
  37. I am tapped into the universal supply of money.
  38. The universe is unlimited.
  39. I am unlimited.
  40. I am unlimited, when it comes to wealth and prosperity.
  41. Money comes to me frequently and easily.
  42. Money makes my life easier.
  43. I have money to share.
  44. Money comes to me from everywhere.
  45. Money comes in all types of forms.
  46. I do what I love, and I make lots of money.
  47. I have multiple sources of income.
  48. I focus on having money.
  49. I am grateful for money in my life.
  50. I am a money master.
  51. I am great with money.
  52. I spend money wisely.
  53. I am able to save money.
  54. Money is in my mind.
  55. I’m mindful about money.
  56. I always have alot of money in the bank.
  57. I imagine having lots of money.
  58. Money is good.
  59. Having money allows me to do more good in the world.
  60. Money comes to me everyday.
  61. Money comes to me in all kinds of ways.
  62. Money piles up.
  63. Money is a blessing.
  64. I am blessed with money.
  65. I manage money wisely.
  66. I am able to handle large sums of money.
  67. I am comfortable with having money.
  68. I never have to worry about money.
  69. Money pours in.
  70. I am abundant.
  71. There’s money all around.
  72. Money is energy.
  73. I love the energy of money.
  74. I enjoy the freedom money brings.
  75. I have a healthy attitude about money.
  76. I am at peace with money.
  77. There’s never a shortage of money.
  78. I am valuable.
  79. My value is more than money.
  80. I am balanced around money.
  81. I am confident. I can have money.
  82. I do have money.
  83. I count my blessings.
  84. Money works for me.
  85. I manifest money.
  86. There’s more than enough money to go around.
  87. I have an endless supply of money.
  88. Money wants me.
  89. I am successful.
  90. Having money doesn’t take away from others.
  91. We can all have money.
  92. It’s safe to have money.
  93. I feel good about money.
  94. Spiritual people have money.
  95. Money is a joy.
  96. Money is a feeling.
  97. Money is all around me.
  98. I can have all the money I want.
  99. Money wants me to have money.
  100. I receive money miracles.
  101. Thank God, I have money.
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Daily Dose of Gratitude – Month Of November 2017

Daily gratitude for the Month of November 2017:

  • November 6th 2017 – I thank God for the bright sunshine. I thank God for the chirping birds on my window.
  • November 7th 2017 – Today I thank God for providing this opportunity to my sister to meet our country’s Prime Minister Mr Modi ji. Previously she got the opportunity to meet our former President Mr Pranab Mukherji. Thank you God for shower your blessings upon her. My Father, Mother, Wife and Me are so proud of this moment.
  • November 8th 2017 – I thank you God for giving me this opportunity to go for the morning run. This gave me chance to feel and breath the fresh air, to see the kids playing, to see people playing and running. I also thank God to give me chance to thank Surya Dev for his divine power. I know and believe that I will receive the love, peace, truth and beauty that transcends my BOLDEST DREAMS. I know that universal love and generosity will embrace me.
  • November 9th 2017 –  I thank God for the fellow runners that running with me today. I thank God for the creation of Dogs. I saw Lhasa Apso today and it’s an amazing creation by God. They are so pure and innocent. Thank You God for everything. Thank you God for money, love and mother nature.
  • November 10th 2017 – I thank God for the bright sunshine. I thank you God for guiding me towards the temple after my morning walk today. Thank you God for everything in life.
  • November 11th 2017 – I thank God for giving me the strength and motivation to go to morning run and walk today. It was an an amazing experience. I went inside the Diamond Garden for the first time and saw lot of elder people walking, exercising and chit chatting. I pray to God for their good and healthy life.Thank you God for everything.
  • November 12th 2017 – It was an amazing Sunday Morning Run. We woke up at around 5.45am and by 6.30 left the house to drive to Marine drive. Astonishingly beautiful Sea and beautiful people around running and walking in the sea breeze was an outstanding experience. Thank You God for that. I saw Anil Ambani as well. We took photos and then proceeded our journey back to home. On the way we had planned for an amazing Irani Breakfast at Kiyani and Co. For the first time we got to visit the typical Irani cafe which we had seen only in movies. Breakfast was good and price was best :). A day well spent with my Wife. Thank you God for the amazing day. I thank my wife too for being me in creating these memories.
  • November 13th 2017: I thank you God for giving me the motivation to go for the morning run. It is a beautiful day and we can feel the winters now. Thank you God for giving me enough motivation to run and walk and loose 300 calories today. I thank you for everything.
  • November 14th 2017: I thank you God for the wonderful day. I want to thank you my parents for giving me life and guiding me at every stage of life. I know I don’t call them very often but I love them and care for them. I will call them more often now. I pray to God for their long life and healthy life. Thank you God for everything.
  • November 15th 2017: I thank you God for this wonderful day. It was a great morning run and I enjoyed cool breeze touching my face. Small kids playing football and cricket were treat to watch. They are pure souls and truly reflects God’s shadow. Thank you god for everything.
  • November 16th 2017: I thank you God for this wonderful day.I thank you God for giving me enough motivation and strength to wake up and go for the run. It feels really good while running and clearing the fog from the mind. I also want to thank my Boss for providing me the great opportunities at work. I am thankful to my team who takes care of each other and together work on their goals.
  • November 17th 2017: Today I want to thank all my friends who have been part of my life over the years and helped me in my personal and professional life. May God Bless all my friends and their families. Friends are special and it is important to be in touch with them at regular intervals. Thank you God for the morning run and breeze. It’s always a special feeling to go for the run in the morning and start my day with some movement. I pray to God for healthy wealthy life of my friends, my families and and everyone in the world. Thank you God for everything.
  • November 18th 2017: Today I didn’t go for the run. I want to thank God for giving me a good sleep and help me energise on weekend. We went to see 3D movie in IMAX and it was an amazing experience. Thank you God for giving me this happiness. I pray for everyone’s happiness.
  • November 19th 2017: Thank you God for the good night sleep. It was a relaxing Sunday. We went for coffee, had cake and macaroons and had a good time with my wifey. Thank you God for every happiness you have given to me. I pray for everyone’s good health.
  • November 20th 2017: Thank you God for everything. I want to thank you providing enough resources to everyone in the world. You give equal opportunities to every one in the world. It’s up to people to understand walk on the path given by you.
  • November 21st 2017: God, today I pray to you for the health of my Father who is not well. Please give our family enough strength to deal with this situation and help my father to recover soon from this pain and uneasiness.
  • November 22nd 2017: Thank you God for the motivation given to me to go for the morning walk. It feels good to see so many people walking and exercising along with me. Thank you for that.
  • November 23rd 2017: Thank you God for providing me this opportunity to meet new people everyday and giving me chance to learn everyday. I thank you God for all the happiness and blessing showered upon me. I pray for everyone’s good health. Thank you God.
  • November 24th 2017: Thank you God for every support of yours. Please help my Dad to recover fast with your blessings. I pray to you to keep everyone healthy.
  • November 25th 2017: Thank you God for everything. I want to thank my boss, and Dadlani sir for giving me chances to prove myself. I am indebted to them for this lifetime. Whatever, I am today is because of them
  • November 26th 2017: Thank you God for the restful Sunday. I was tensed about the exam and Dad’s health, but you gave me courage. Thank you God for everything.
  • November 27th 2017: Thank you God for Monday blessings. I was tensed for all the things happening in life at once but you gave me enough support and help to fight my fears.
  • November 28th 2017: Thank you God for this official trip to Chennai. This is my first trip to Chennai and I liked it to see and feel a new city. Thank you God for providing me this opportunity to work with industry experts.
  • November 29th 2017: Thank you god for the audit and safe flight back home. Thank you for the people serving in airlines industry.
  • November 30th 2017: Thank you god for providing me the opportunity to meet my papa and sister. Thank you god for the safe trip and thank you for helping my father to recover fast.
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Weekly Dose of Affirmations – November 2017 (Week Nov 12 – Nov 17)

Inspired from the book “How to unleash the Power of your subconscious mind – A 52 week guide”, I will write weekly affirmations and ensure to read them, and re-read them on daily basis multiple times.

Last weeks affirmations were:

Divine love fills my soul. Divine right actions is mine. Divine harmony governs my life. Divine peace fills my soul. Divine beauty is mine. Divine joy fills my soul. I am illuminated from On High. I know and believe that I will receive a measure of life, love, truth, and beauty that transcends my boldest dreams. I know that universal love and generosity will embrace me.

This weeks affirmations are:

I can achieve all the things through the power of my subconscious mind.

Whatever thought I consciously impress upon my subconscious, my subconscious will find a way to make it happen.

Strength, health and goodness flow through me and all those around me, and I wish the best for everyone I encounter each and everyday.

I am thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon me.

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Weekly Dose of Affirmations – November 2017 (Week Nov 5 – Nov 11)

Inspired from the book “How to unleash the Power of your subconscious mind – A 52 week guide”, I will write weekly affirmations and ensure to read them, and re-read them on daily basis multiple times.

November 5 – November 11 2017 affirmations are:

Divine love fills my soul.

Divine right actions is mine.

Divine harmony governs my life.

Divine peace fills my soul.

Divine beauty is mine.

Divine joy fills my soul.

I am illuminated from On High.

I know and believe that I will receive a measure of life, love, truth, and beauty that transcends my boldest dreams.

I know that universal love and generosity will embrace me.

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Positive Thinking (Exercises/ Case Studies/ Thoughts) – Post 1

Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects in one’s life. It will help you in coping up depression and release good hormones which will help you in achieving your goals.

But how to think positive?

We often struggle in thinking positively because it takes an extra effort to stop – look – change the thinking process. This kind of struggle is cumbersome initially and you have to remind yourself many times to focus on positive thinking, but once in practice it can dissolve in your sub-conscious mind and can become an automated process.

Best way to “stop – look – change” is to find the trigger that is going to change your perspective from normal to negative and just at that instant: —–> “STOP”!!.. Just stop that negative thought.

“LOOK” around yourself, within you and good things you have in life. Hold your thought — Don’t you shift your stance and BAMM!

“CHANGE” that negative feeling to positive. Replace words like “I can’t”, “I don’t” with “I can” and “I will”.

Be conscious of your thoughts and wait for the instant where your thoughts are about to change and apply “Stop – Look – Change” for 1-2 seconds. You will notice that instead of going into negative thought process you manage it to change to a positive thinking exercise.

Hope this small exercise helps you.


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The Now Habit Notes

“The now habit” by Neil Fiore is one of the most popular book that gives you insight on procrastination and productivity.
The book is written in such a manner that every person can relate to it and understand what causes procrastination and what effective measures can be taken to overcome it.

The Now Habit Book Summary

Definition of procrastination: Procrastination is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

1. Why we procrastinate?

1. Procrastination doesn’t happen because of laziness, it happens because of the fear.
2. It happens because we try to defend our self worth and seek temporary relief in order to overcome the fear.
3. There are different types of fear that causes procrastination:
       a. Fear of failure
       b. Fear of being imperfect
       c. Fear of being overwhelmed
       d. Fear of success
       e. Fear of increased demands
4. Procrastination gives us that temporary space of relief and refuge. Often we use it as a daily tool because once a task is urgent it finishes either by taking up by someone else or some other factors.
5. To over come the fears, we need to understand that we are Human and can make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and you should not criticise yourself for not finishing the task.

Cycle of procrastination:
The more you procrastinate –> the more anxious you are –> the more you criticise yourself –> the more you lose confidence.
With lost confidence –> you procrastinate even more, because you are afraid that others will judge you.

2. How we procrastinate?

1. Best way to learn the pattern of how you procrastinate is to observe yourself for three to five days.
2. Don’t judge yourself. Just when there is a trigger of something you are going to put off, write what, how and why.
3. Write down your feelings and thoughts. After three days, review your notes.
4. This will give you insight on your procrastination habits.
5. Identify the attitude and self talk that keeps you from accomplishing your tasks.
6. Don’t judge yourself, allow yourself to make mistakes and ensure nothing is threatening you.

3. How to talk to yourself

1. Master the positive self talk because it determines the whole context or your life and your attitude to everything.
2. Replace the negative messages with positive ones. Give yourself the power of choice. Learn to say no
3. Replace “I Have to” with “I choose to”.
4. Replace “I must finish” with “When can I start?
5. Replace “This is so big” with “I can take one small step”.
6. Replace “I must be perfect” with “I can be human”.
7. Replace “I don’t have time to play” with “I must take time to play”.
8. Statement of a producer with a powerful focus is: I choose to start on one small imperfect step knowing I have plenty of time for play.

4. Guilt-Free Play, Quality Work

1. Schedule your leisure time first. Plan for your free time and how you are going to spend the time with your friends.
2. Once your leisure time is scheduled, start scheduling your work time.
3. It is an excellent reverse psychology trick. Since you are sure that at this time you are going to free or play or chat with friends, therefore your minds triggers a signal to complete your work now so that you can enjoy later on.
4. You get creative, and give high quality output. Moreover the distractions are less because now all your focus is on the work and after that work you are anyways getting a free time.

5. Overcoming Blocks To Action

The Now Habit offers three tools for overcoming blocks to action. The tools are:

1. Three Dimensional Thinking And Reverse Calendar:

1. Large tasks can overwhelm you without the proper perspective.
2. Consider the length, breadth, width of your task, and then divide it. Divide and Conquer.
3. Reverse calendar helps you to schedule your work realistically.
4. Start with an ultimate deadline and then work your way with smaller deadlines up-to the present moment. 

2. The Work Of Worrying:

1. You should respect your ability to worry as a means of alerting you of the potential danger.
2. Whenever you worry, figure out a plan for alleviating your worries and establish a plan to cope up the potential danger.
3. Constant worry drains your energy and preparing the plan with give you some peace at mind.

3. Persistent Starting:

1. Just “Keep on starting”. Don’t think about finishing. Think about starting.
2. However small, just start may be for 2 minutes, just start and finishing will be taken care by itself.
3. Always focus on what you can do next. Once little step.

6. The Un-schedule

1. On your weekly calendar, schedule leisure and non work related activities.
2. The un-schedule uses reverse psychology to spring you into action.
3. Aim for small work schedule to start with – like 30 minutes of work and track your every un-interrupted 30 minutes block of work. Log how many hours you have worked everyday and week.

7. Working in the Flow State

1. You are most productive when you can fully focus. Distractions, intensive emotions and concerns undermine your focus and productivity.
2. Remove all your distractions, emotions and concerns before you start your work session.
3. Write your worries down, do meditation, breathe, relax, and free your mind. 

8. Fine Tuning Your Progress

1. One of the best techniques in the book is called as “Planned Setbacks”.
2. Observe and Optimise your progress daily.
3. Consciously choose projects/tasks that you are most likely to delay and observe your thoughts and feelings.
4. Commit yourself only to the goals that you fully embrace. Don’t set the goals that you don’t care about. Develop Resilience.

Combining all together

1. Think about the reason you don’t want to do the work.

2. Break the work down into sub steps.

3. Discover the small sub steps you willing to do.

4. Start the timer and start working on your work for two minutes.

5. Get into flow and continue to work on it without thinking of the finish.

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How to be yourself? Top 10 ways of finding out

How to be yourself? We often search for this question on google. We often hear from the world like be what you are, be yourself, be original, don’t try to be something you cannot be and don’t fake it.

There are certain factors in life due to which sometimes we tend to be someone else. Let’s analyse what these factors are.


Why we tend to shy away with our own self?

1) Changing World. The world is changing fast and we don’t know how to match the speed of the changing world. Therefore, at times when we are confused whether to be like this or like that, we lose yourself.

For example, you see everyone in the world is using costly iPhone and to match the trends you too try to buy a costly iPhone even if it’s not in the budget. Because of this the hard earned money may get wasted or there have been cases where people have committed crimes just for the sake of owning a costly possession.

2) Influence. Sometimes we try influence other people and make them believe that you are not what they think of you. You try to make extra efforts in being like other people, but you don’t enjoy that and because of this confusion you lose yourself.

For example, you might try to impress anyone with fake accent. Because you are faking, the person who knows the actual accent can immediately make out that you are doing wrong.

3) Expectations. Sometimes due to expectations of people you tend go away from your actual self. To meet the expectations of family and friends, you forget that this is not you.

For example, you try to do your best for the family. But sometimes your family expects that from your next business trip you are going to bring lots of gifts. This raise in expectation gives you a panic attack and you tend to lose yourself either by buying unnecessary stuff or getting irritated. The entire loss is yours and it’s you who gets affected by this most.


What are the affects of faking your personality?

1) Bad Image. Because of not being yourself or true to yourself, you get highlighted in-front of the people as dual personality. People see you as a fake personality and because of this they try to avoid you.

For example, just to be cool you said to your gang that you like to party a lot and can handle the drinks easily. But in reality when party happens and people sees the real you and see that you were lying that you can handle the drinks, they set a bad image of you in their mind. This image is too tough to be changed and equally tough is to accept you in the gang.

2) Wrong company. Because of not being to yourself, you might end up in a wrong company where people can take undue advantage of yours.

For instance, you want to show people, how cool is doing drugs! You forget that it’s not real you and you might end up in jail for your entire life, but still just to prove to other people you go in the wrong direction. Problem- you might get addicted to drugs, lose all your money, get landed in jail or even face death.

3) Relationship Fail. If you are not true to yourself, you might have to lose your loved ones. You might end up hurting the people who care for you.

For instance: you see other people that how badly they behave with their wife. You don’t like this behaviour of them, but there is possibility that you might start behaving like them. Thus, from being a nice loving guy, you become a guy full of hatred. You start coming home late like others, you shout unnecessarily and you stop caring for them. Results! your loved ones will end up leaving you and hurting you just because of not being to true to yourself.

1) Don’t rush. Just don’t rush into anything flashy that comes towards you. See the things, analyse them, see what’s in it for you and make the judgement. Don’t rush, take your time and then make a move. Ask questions! Ask yourself, ask family members, ask your wife, ask your teacher, mentor, professor, doctor, anyone…..Ask ME!!.WHY? HOW? WHAT? WHERE? You will get the answers.

For example, If you see people buying this costly iPhone and you also gets tempted by it, follow these steps –
a) Breathe. Breath in and Breath out. Take 10 deep breaths in and out.
b) This will clear your mind. Now see where are you standing? Observe the surroundings. Do you see any rat race happening at your place?

You say No!

c) Then sit down and ask QUESTIONS:

Why do you need this much costly phone?Is it because of the world or is it because you actually need it! Sit. Relax. Decide!

Got your answer?

Next is..

What you are going to do with this phone? Does these high end features matter to you! Or you are going to just play Pokemon? 😉 . Sit. Relax. Decide.

How are you going to pay for this phone? Do you have enough budget!, Do you have any other priority like kids school fees or wife’s birthday party or a gift for mom! Sit. Relax. Decide.

Where can you utilise this much money or even partial money? Consider the price, brand, features. If you are getting same specifications in the same price, wouldn’t that phone a better choice!, May be you can save money and utilise it on paying your loans or put it under your savings! Sit. Relax. Decide.

2) Be Content. Yes, be content for what you have. God has given you enough to survive. You don’t need to show off and be fake to anyone. You live for yourself and on your conditions, just because of impressing someone don’t plan for the unnecessary and expensive possessions.

3) Values Inherited by You. Check within yourself and ask what are your morals and values you have been standing all over your life. What are the teachings of your parents and teachers that made you a better person. I am sure this bling bling and shiny world is not enough to break your values. Value your values and you will be yourself.

4) Inner Peace. Check within yourself and ask what are the conflicts you are facing that are shaking you to become a person you are not meant to be. Try to talk to people and resolve your internal conflicts. There is nothing in this world that cannot be shared or resolved. Try to get answers. Be in peace with your inner-self.

5) Stop Criticising Yourself. Yes, have a belief that you are good in every-way and be positive about yourself. Being positive will make you confident and people will like this actual you. For every-work you do, give your 100% and say to yourself, this day is going to be the best day ever. People who criticises you should not be given any attention.

6) Meditate. Yes, when in doubt, close your eyes and meditate. You will get your answers. It will help in clearing your mind and focus on important real world issues. It is due to the lack of focus that we seek pleasure somewhere else and tend to become someone else. Once you get back your focus, you will be real you and happy you.

7) Gratitude. Yes, this is the most powerful tool that lots of people underestimate. Why because they tend to forget the blessings and positivism what one get after greeting someone, saying thank you to all the people and thank god for everything. Show gratitude to all the important people in your life and they won’t let you go anywhere else. In the lovable company you will be always yourself. Gather blessings and thank God everyday and tell god that you are thankful for this day and you are going to make this day an awesome day.

8) Be realistic, don’t try to please everyone. Yes, keep only quality friends and don’t try to please anyone you see. Keep the important ones intact by showering love and care on them. Furthermore, if you try to please everyone, you may end loosing the real ones. You cannot meet everyone’s expectations and it is perfectly OK. It’s your life and you make decisions to please yourself not just any other person. Once you know that you cannot please everyone, you will be yourself

9) Keep you sense of humour intact. Yes, don’t just be that guy who doesn’t laugh and play because of his ego. Laugh out loud, play around, be childish and let people know your killer sense of humour. Furthermore, once people sees the real you, you won’t bother yourself to live like others and they will want to be like you instead.

10) Don’t be selfish. Yes, don’t just live for yourself. Help others and let people see the real you. The more you showcase yourself as a good person, the more people will change perception for you. Once you see the world respecting the real you, I am sure you wouldn’t want to change that. Everyone wants enjoy the company of selfless and true person.

These are the top 10 ways I thought might be helpful in knowing the real you. Please let me know your comments if you want to add any points. I will make sure to add them in my next article with your name in it.

Be Awesome. Cheers.

Be Yourself! Everyone else is already taken

-Oscar Wilde

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How to kick-start your perfect morning?

Perfect And Morning Eh!…Can these be two words together?

Sure they can be together. In addition, you will enjoy this routine.

But I have always thought Morning as boring, lazy, and gloomy event. In addition, what special difference this article is going to make? You may ask!

Well this article is going to list down the best ways to kick-start your morning routine and make it perfect.

Let’s see what we have it in here:

Start Slow. Start Slow? eh!..What do you mean start slow? I mean don’t rush into everything you want to do in the morning. Take it slow and let the world move its own pace. Give yourself extra time by trying to wake up early at-least half an hour before your normal wake up time.

Ya Ya!..As if it is easy to jump out bed every morning!..Easy to say then doing actually doing it.

Yes, I agree it’s not easy to to jump out of bed immediately and start the day. But with daily practice, I promise that you can be a morning person and wake up as early as you want. Take it slowly and steadily by reducing your sleep time by 5 minutes for a week. Reduce another 5 minutes next week. You may want to get in to bed early as well so that you compensate your morning sleep and feel fresh. Consequently you will change your habit and will wake up early.

Ok!..So I wake up, what’s next!

Freshen Up. Yes, run to your washroom and wash your face and freshen up. This is the critical part because this will decide where you are going to head next – back to bed or face the world. Again, take it slowly, don’t rush. Enjoy the fresh water splash on your face, see yourself in the mirror and say to yourself – I am going to rule the world (if you are still unmarried 😉 ) or I am going to make sure that today is going to be an awesome day.

Drink Warm Water. Your body needs lots of water after waking up and specially after the whole night sleep you need it water to improve your immune system. Please make sure that you drink a lot of water as soon as you wake up to keep your body hydrated and balanced. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with warm water, drink it warm and I can promise you that your immunity will be very strong due to which you won’t fell ill easily. In addition to this, you can mix honey and lemon to add taste giving you the benefits of natural healing. This will also reduce your weight.

Move your body. Yes, let’s dive into the day and move your body. There are plenty of activities that you can do to move your body:

Go to Gym

Do Some Running

Get ahead with Cycling

The good old Yoga


Basic Home Exercises

These activities will allow the blood to flow, make your heart strong and provide your body the necessary oxygen. Furthermore you will be in best of your shape, your body will feel light and free from rustiness. There are thousands of benefits of exercising. We will cover these topics in detail later on.

Meditate. So far we have been mostly talking about physical health. How about we start some exercise for your busy mind. Your mind runs more than you do entire day. So take extra care of your mind and make sure the mind of yours gets enough energy and peace so that your life during the day is in peace. Take timeout at-least 15 minutes to keep your mind free and clear it from tensions by doing the meditation.

You just have to sit in relax posture and count your breaths. That’s it!..It’s that easy. Believe me 15 minutes of meditation a day will make you feel divine. You will be able to see your thoughts more clearly, you will be happier then ever, and appreciate your loving ones. There are many benefits of meditation. We will cover the benefits and method of meditation in detail later on.

Take care of your body and mind. Now let’s move on to provide your body some energy to carry on the days work.

Shower. It’s time to take a shower. Take a cold shower. The after shower feeling is one of the best in the world. You feel so refreshed and all ready to take on the world.

Healthy Breakfast. After shower, it’s time to take healthy breakfast. As doctors say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So please make sure that you don’t skip it and eat a lot of quality food. You can eat lots of fruits, veggies, smoothies, milk, eggs. Please make sure that your breakfast contains good proteins.

We will discuss more on breakfasts in later posts. We will share sample meal plans and good tasty recipes. Stay tuned.

Writing. This is one habit that you should include in your morning schedule. Keep a journal, notepad, Bujo, Excel templates, sticky notes, anything you like, but please write something.

Write how are you feeling and how will you approach your day. Also write your top most priorities of the day. Add these priorities in your planner. Prepare your plan for the day and make sure you follow it till the very end. Do not stop without completing your Most Important Tasks. Writing will clear your mind. Once you dump your thoughts on paper or some application you will clear your mind from clutter and will focus on your task one by one. We will discuss on this topic in detail later on.

Reading. I am sure you will be tempted to check your mails, Facebook,  and News by now. But not just yet. Control for few more minutes and give your time for an effective reading. This habit of yours will generate ideas, motivate you, inspire you and will make ready to fight this competent world.

It’s not required to read an entire book at one go. Read small pages but effective pages. Even 20 pages a day will make you awesome.

Gratitude. Finally show gratitude.Often we are so busy that we forget the beauty around us and the God who has created all this for us. Appreciate the almighty every morning. Furthermore, thank your family and friends and make them feel special.

Thank your office colleagues and your boss (ya ya, there are times 😉 ) for providing you good and fighting opportunities in life and supporting on your judgements.

Goals. In addition, with all these early morning schedule, keep an eye on your Goals as well. Please make sure that at-least one goal of yours is covered in the morning habit and you are able to achieve goals such as reducing weight, becoming a writer, targeting a marathon run, or tour de france for that matter. Nothing is impossible if your Morning schedule is effective.

Please let me know your suggestions in the comments section and also let me know, how do you approach your morning and I will make sure cover your points with your name in my next posts whenever we dive into detailed habits.

B e.  A w e s o m e. Thanks for reading 🙂 

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Remember the feeling to remember the task/ habit

Always remember the feeling if not the actual tasks /habits. If you are planning to live your life in a better way and sometimes gets stuck/ bored/ lazy to exercise, meditate, work hard on priorities, changing habits, read, write, etc.

Then one of the things I do is to feel the moment when I finished my:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Finishing my work priorities
  • Read
  • Write
  • Daily plan setup
  • etc.

After realising this feeling, I get motivated enough to carry on these good things. For instance:

  • With exercise, I feel light and free from rustiness
  • With meditation, my mind feels so calm and focussed
  • With finishing my MITs (Most Important Tasks), I feel so accomplished and charged up
  • With reading, I feel to gain some wisdom and insight
  • With writing, I feel creative and free
  • With proper plan and completing my daily checklist, I feel on top of the world

How about feeling moment when you ran 5 miles?

How about the feel when you thanked someone and shown some gratitude?

How about the feeling when ate healthy food?

How about the feel when you meditated in the sound of rain falling on the leaves?

How about the feeling when people appreciated your new toned look?

Remember these feelings? I am sure you do. So carry on these good habits and don’t procrastinate on them.

Finish! What you Start. Yes! If you have started a habit to loose the weight, then wake up with the awesome feeling of how healthy and fresh you would feel if have lost your weight as per the set target. This feel will get you going and you will be able to finish what you have started.

Do let me know how are you feeling now?

Thanks for reading.

B e     A w e s o m e 🙂